Where Can I See Elephants? We'll Show Where To See Elephants Of a Different Kind


Having an 'Elephant Experience' doesn't have to mean elephant back riding (and by the way, we would never suggest that anyway). We've come up with some cool alternatives to have an elephant experience without there being a physical elephant in sight. And due to elephants being very much in the public eye, we thought our timing of this blog was pretty apt. Contrary to popular belief there are Elephants in every corner of the earth. And heres where you can meet the elephants ...


Elephant Rock, New Zealand


Travel to one of New Zealand places of interest - North Taranaki coast and find a large elephant on the beach. On the North Taranaki coast, you can see two, 25 metre rock formations known as the Three Sisters. Next to the sisters is another forming called Elephant Rock which, as you would expect, looks a lot like an Elephant. Sadly, there were four sisters at the turn of the century, but the sea is claiming them one at a time.


Elephant Rock, Valley Of Fire. Nevada


Rocks shaped like animals. The Elephant Rock Trail in Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park is an easy 0.4-mile roundtrip hike near the East Entrance. The rock can be found right next to the main road, however parking is prohibited there. Instead, park at the East Entrance parking lot and hike 0.2 miles to get to the rock. Its worth it!


Lucy The Elephant, New Jersey


Lucy The Elephant is one of America's beautiful novelty architecture (and you know how we love our novelty architecture), six-stories high Lucy is constructed of wood and tin in 1881 by James Lafferty in Margate City in New Jersey. She is listed on the national park registry of historical places in America. Lucy was built to promote real estate sales and attract tourists. Inside Lucy, you get to climb a spiral staircase through her insides all the way up to the howdah on her back, providing a spectacular 360° view of the surrounding shore area. She is the oldest surviving roadside tourist attractions in America. 


Pink Ganesha Statue, Thailand 


This has to be one of the top ten things to do in Thailand. A large statue of Pink Ganesha (24 meters long) is lying on a huge platform surrounded by many rats. There is a myth here that states if you say your wishes in the ear of the rats, they will send your desires to Ganesh and it will be fulfilled. The Indian music playing in the background is an awesome addition to the surrealistic atmosphere on the site. An absolute must-see if you find yourself in Thailand. 


Elephant Mountain, Taiwan


Xiangshan, also known as Elephant Mountain, is one of the best places to visit in Taipei, Taiwan. Elephant Mountain is the most famous of the “Four Beasts Mountains” of Taipei, Taiwan and the most easily accessible. It is 183m high and has a hiking trail. The hike takes a total of around 15-20 minutes to the top, and includes lots of stairs! The Six Giant Rocks are a tourist attraction in Xiangshan. Elephant hill Taipei is the most popular of the mountains for a good reason. Being the closest to the city not only means easy access, but it means stunning views of Taipei, especially Taipei.


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