Heres why we have decided to support The Painted Dogs Conservation The African Wild Dog (otherwise known as the Painted Dog) unfortunately don't get as much publicity as their other four-legged wild neighbours in Africa. People rarely hear about these unique and loyal beings that are extremely endangered and near enough extinct with only 1% remain in the wild. Thats why we at BornWild had to step in and spread the word as well as support them as much as we can. Enjoy reading more.......

The Painted Dog Conservation's mission is to protect and increase the range and numbers of Painted Dogs in Zimbabwe and they do an amazing job. However, they need all the help they can get since the African Wild Dog is hugely endangered. Their main extinction threats are: in Poaching/Road kills and Diseases

PDC have got these areas covered and working around the clock employing local people to help carry out their programmes. Not only creating an environment where the dogs can survive but also working with the communities, creating the environment for the dogs to thrive.

Programmes include Anti-poaching Units, Rehabilitation Centre, Re-introduction Programme and an Education centre for young children to learn about the conservation of the Painted Dogs.

Every year a thousand children visit visit the Bush Camp - for less than $15 a day. They stay a week - and for the first time in their lives, they see the dogs and wildlife that live just miles from their villages.

The Rehabilitation Center in Zimbabwe, takes care of sick, injured and orphaned painted dogs. When the Animals are recovered, they are released back into the wild. 

They also have a brilliant research unit. By putting as many collars with transmitters as possible on the painted dogs, researchers of the project can collect data on the whereabouts of the dogs. In this way the animals can be located faster if they get into trouble. The collar also protects the dogs against snares. 

3000 snares get found and collected by the Anti-Poaching Unit each year. The snares are then taken to the Art Centre to create crafts. 20-30 local people at the art centre  gain employment from that. Here is some examples of what they make..

If you like what youve read and want to visit, be part or donate to the worthy Painted Dog visit Bush Camp then please follow the word here Painted Dogs