From our recent Secret Ruin Hike & Jimi Hendrix Tour, we have decided to help The Painted Dog Conservation again since these creatures are highly endangered and need all the help they can get! This money will go to help the work they do to support their conservation efforts. Read more HERE!

The African wild dog (also known as painted wolves) are one of the most endangered species in the whole of Africa. There is only an estimated 7,000 wild dog habitat left in entire continent.

They may not be as famous as their trunked, horned, or maned neighbors, but these painted dogs —also known as African wild or hunting dogs—are beautiful, unique, and fascinating social animals. 

You’d be forgiven for confusing these mottled, big-eared animals for hyenas—but they’re distinctly different creatures. While hyenas are more closely related to cats, painted dogs share a distant common ancestor with wolves and, as their name suggests, domestic dogs.

Heres some more African Wild Dog Information: They’re extremely social, have strong family bonds (as you may have seen on David Attenborough’s program “Dynasties”, they spend most of their time together, and take care of one another’s pups, take care of each other and if a painted dog becomes ill or injured, their pack-mates rally round to care for them. The African Wild Dog is a truly amazing creature!