This month we have decided to give to our friends - The Painted Dog Conservation in Africa.

Painted dog populations have been severely reduced from over half a million to only about 7,000 dogs. The Painted Dog Conservation is working to protect the African Dog from threats such as bushmeat snares and habitat loss—through research, education, and anti-poaching efforts. 


Unfortunately the African wild dog doesn't get as much attention as their other four-legged wild neighbors in Africa, but these painted dogs —also known as African wild or hunting dogs—are beautiful, unique, and fascinating social animals. 

Painted dogs are native to Africa, and aren’t found in the wild anywhere else on the planet. They live in small locations across a handful of countries including Zimbabwe, the home of The Painted Dogs Conservation. There are approximately 700 painted dogs at the conservation where they work with local populations of both humans and dogs, via conservation, education, and outreach programs—to help them not only survive here, but thrive.

If you would like to donate to help the Painted Dogs Conservation then please click here: PAINTED DOGS