Are meals and Transportation included in the trips? 

Depending on the trip, sometimes meals are included on our trips and sometimes not. Under every trip description, we will let you know if meals are included or not. Please see trip descriptions.


What is the cancellation policy? 

If you want to cancel your trip, you can! Full cancellation (full refund) is given 7 days or more prior to the trip date. Rescheduling on another trip or trip credit is given 24 hours to 7 days prior to the trip date. Cancellation within 24 hours of the trip date is a strict no refund or no trip credit policy. There is no refund or trip credit for arriving late, missing the train/bus, being stuck in traffic or leaving a trip early. In severe cases of bad weather conditions, illness or absence of staff or due to a minimum of participants not being reached, we reserve the right to cancel - we will notify you within 24 hours of the trip date and give a full refund or trip credit. 


Can I pay a deposit to reserve my spot?

For our day trips you do need to pay in full to reserve your spot.


Who else will be on the adventures and do I need to be interested in helping Wild animals? 

No you don't need to be interested in wild animals! BornWild attracts adventurers between 20's - 40's, however we welcome everyone over the age of 18. There’s a pretty even split between male and female on our trips. Friends or no friends, we welcome solo travellers and groups of friends big or small. Our mission is to reach out, inspire and create a place of 'coming together' around shared values, cool events and day trips. We take a 'no pressure' and 'no force' approach to our trips where we offer our people to be a part of BornWild without the pressure of educational talks on wild animals, nor do our travellers need to have a strong interest in Wild Animals. All we ask is for you to come along, have fun, meet new people and enjoy the social gathering


Whats included in the trip price? 

Our adventures have been hand-crafted meticulously for you to turn up, enjoy and have a stress-free day. Our guides are certified and experienced. Some locations have been reserved specifically for our trips and all other includes on our trips are written in our trips descriptions. 


What clothing should I wear to your trips?  

On every trip description will have the appropriate clothing details so please see the individual trips.


How many people can join a trip? 

We try and keep our trips on the smaller side so you can enjoy hearing and seeing everything without feeling you're on a 'coach trip, plus you have the opportunity to get to know the rest of the group. Our trips range from 3-15 people per trip.


what happens if I would like to bring my child on the trip? 

We do not allow children on our trips. We welcome anyone over the age of 18 years.