Valentines Day is upon us and love is in the air! This special Valentines blog post is dedicated to Whales and Dolphin’s. Why should Valentines Day just be celebrated between ‘couples’? So we thought we would give some attention to these magnificent sea creatures who need a little bit more love :)

On the subject of love - WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation is a charity very close to our hearts and we are so excited to tell you, how helping end captivity to whales and dolphins is as easy as adventuring the highlands of Scotland.

Are you an explorer, adventurer or love making an impact through your travels? Then we are glad you are still reading! I’m sure you have read all about our ‘Wild Route To Freedom"‘ Trip to Scotland coming up in August. If not then please click on the video below to see our adventurous trip.

A huge part of our adventure is helping ‘End Captivity’ to Whales and Dolphin’s and below are 5 pointers on how (with your help) we can manage to do this:


1. 50% of proceeds will be supporting WDC’s ‘End Captivity Campaign’ work where they seek to raise awareness to end cruel captivity shows and prevent the future capture of these intelligent and sociable creatures for aquaria and captive ‘swim with’ experiences.

2. WDC is also working to protect vulnerable species in the wild and ultimately develop wild seas sanctuaries, so that captive whales and dolphins can be assessed for release back into the sea or live out the rest of their lives in a more natural environment.

3. We will visit the Scottish Dolphin Centre in Spey Bay, Moray Firth. On this exclusive private tour, we will get to view the Ice House, meet the WDC and Shorewatch Team members, learn about whales and dolphin’s as well as enjoying our celebratory evenings events. A key day to make connections if you are thinking of furthering a career in conservation or just love to learn about whales & dolphin’s.

4. Enjoy our special eco-adventure boat tour to see the wild Moray Firth dolphins swim in their natural habitat undisturbed by human interaction. An unforgettable dolphin experience on the Moray Coast!

5. Just taking part in this eco adventure will help whales and dolphin’s!


Main Whale Image: Francesco Ungaro @francesco_ungaro