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The newspapers are full of it, the headlines are full of it and yes, the oceans are full of it too -  you guessed it - Plastic.

Living in a world where everything is covered in plastic, trying to live a plastic free lifestyle is somewhat hard, well its actually damn hard! We get it. And to fill our 'Plastic Free Day Trips' without offering any plastic covered items was also pretty darn challenging but (major pat on the back to us) we did it and we can now proudly say - all our day trip lunches are plastic free!

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To say we are an advocate of wildlife but add to plastic waste consumption just wouldn't be our style and honestly, it would look terribly odd not to mention be horrible for the environment so we decided to make a stance in the traveling world and go plastic free day tripping. 

If you find yourself not being on one of our trips but you are travelling and want to try and live that plastic free lifestyle (even if its only on your vacation) then here are our 5 top tips to help you make the earth a better place.


1. Buy a steel straw. 

Steel straws are available to buy everywhere and can be reusable for life, plus they take up minimal space in your luggage.

2. Take re-fillable water bottles with you. 

Once you buy your first re-fillable water bottle - you'll never go back to plastic. It doesn't just save the oceans from even more plastic, you'll be saving money too. Boxed water is also on the increase and even though a little more expensive, you can drink your way to a conscious free mind.

3. Buy a recyclable toothbrush. 

 Many toothbrushes are made out of plastic and end up in our oceans but the good news is, there are many alternative options out there that are recyclable, including wood or recycled yoghurt cups. 

4. Travel with airlines, travel companies who are inclined to use less plastic. 

American Airlines have already banned plastic straws and stirrers and we hope this will set a precidence for other airlines in the future. There are also some travel companies like us that offer plastic free and environmental trips. Research and you will be sure to find some good options. Sign up below to get a sneek peek of our new trips!

5. Buy a reusable bag. 

Who wants to be seen carrying a plastic bag anyway? Treat yourself and buy yourself a bag you want to be seen in and that can carry all your items - plastic free!

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