Heres why our Secret Ruin Hike remains one of our favorite day trips out of New York... The Catskill Mountains are full of natural beauty but what most people never see within these mountains will make your sense of adventure come alive. Beyond the panoramic views are hidden secrets. BornWild was born to help you find an adventure that you cannot find anywhere else and heres one of our best examples of why you should leave NYC for the day. 

Our hike begins by visiting the Golden Shrine Room Temple at the Karma Triynaa Dhramachakra Tibetan Buddhist Monetary. As you walk in a sense of peace and calm embrace you. The light shines across the room, highlighting the intricate craftsmanship and age-old tradition. For many it is a time where you finally gain mindfulness of all the world has to offer.

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From mindfulness to the forgotten. Our next stop on the hike is the magnificent hotel ruins. The once luxury hotel where musicians and socialites got away is now deserted. Making your way through the main hall you can almost feel the hotel come back to life around you. 

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Seeing the Catskills in all its glory from a top the Overlook Mountain Fire Tower is amazing. The sweeping views of the mountains and the forest show you just how wonderful and magical the place really is. You gain a feel for all the adventure that is out in the world as from this point and on a clear day, you can see parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts and then you realize there is so much more to explore in this life. 

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Making our way down from the Fire Tower we stop at Eagles Point. One of the best spots to get the chance to see eagles fly high in the sky. They are one of the few that know the true beauty within the Catskills. As we visit the etchings on the flat Rock at Eagles Point - the names of lovers, secret code words and symbols of mystery, make you wonder just what has all happened here.

As the sun and temperature start to drop in the majestic Catskill mountains, you know your adventure has just begun. You feel a sense of excitement as make your way through the picturesque scenery. You hear the rustling of the leaves, animals moving, and the forest comes alive.

The further and further you get into the forest, the more you can feel the ominous presence of something great, wonderful and mysterious. This is a hike that will feed your need for adventure and give you amazing stories to tell your friends.

Adventure is a lot like knowledge, the more you go out on adventures or learn, the more you realize just how much more is out there for you to discover. We at BornWild can help you find it.

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