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The Duncansby Sea Stacks which we will visit on our Scottish Tour!

The Duncansby Sea Stacks which we will visit on our Scottish Tour!

Wonder struck us as we viewed images of the Scottish highlands. We search regularly for new and interesting places to create our trips and viewing the magnificent Scottish sights stopped us in our tracks. Images of mystical and historical nooks & alcoves, abandoned crumbling castles, wilderness stretching from miles & miles and views so breath taking, they really take your breath ‘away’ - these Scottish attractions had it all! What we were viewing seemed like a cross between Tolkien’s Middle Earth and the rolling hills of New Zealand. We were left asking ourselves why this abandoned wilderness wasn’t one of the greatest wonders of the world. 

But then again, thats the beauty of Scotland, a humble and unpretentious region sat contented in its magnificent but quiet beauty away from the thousands of bustling tourists of the world. Tucked away in the forgotten lands of England. Scotland boasts quietly of its sheer beauty and magnificence. 

Needing our trips to be as unique as possible, exploring these unbeaten paths and wild lands - we knew we couldn’t let this place pass us by and had to make this Scottish route 66 an unforgettable journey. We set to work and undiscovered this magnificent route. Laden with dolphins and wildlife, we set out to put a purpose to our trip and are proud to announce we are supporting leading global charity & conservation WDC, Whales and Dolphins Conservation to not only make a change in the way you travel but to make a change for captive Whales and Dolphins too. We named our beautiful Scottish trip “the Wild Route to Freedom” as we will be adventuring this Wild Route in aid to help Whales and Dolphins secure their freedom. Just by purchasing a ticket, you will be making a huge impact for whales and dolphins. 
This trip isn’t just about conservation but about pure adventure and exploration. This is the ultimate Scottish travel package and is also perfect for anyone who is thinking about solo holiday ideas too. This has to be one of the best Scottish holidays to explore!

Watching Dolphins jump in the wild sea!

Watching Dolphins jump in the wild sea!

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect from our North Coast 500 Itinerary:

Highlights Include

  • Dolphin Watching BY Private Eco boat

  • Overnight stays in 4-star best Scottish Hotels

  • Enjoy our evening Event With Our Special Guest

  • Breathtaking Mountain Hiking

  • Star Gazing With Our legendary Astronomer

  • Unique Overnight Stay In Scandinavian Style Lodges

  • Make A big Impact For Captive Whales And Dolphins

  • Get Connected With WDC Conservation

  • Visit an uninhabited island

  • Private Tour Of The Scottish Dolphin Centre & Ice House

  • Explore Scotlands Most Beautiful Beaches, castles and hidden treasures

  • Full Board Food And Accommodation

View of Stac Pollaidh which we will be hiking!

View of Stac Pollaidh which we will be hiking!

Photo: Joshua Earle @joshuaearle