In a few weeks we leave behind the busy streets of New York City in exchange for the skeletal ruins and ghostly forests in the Catskills. Welcome to our Secret Ruin Hike. Overlook mountain. 

This is no regular mountain hike. Just when you thought you've seen enough of the Catskills - there comes a trip like ours which is a little different from the rest. Tucked away on Overlook Mountain lies landmarks and treasures that hold a thousand stories. 

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Lets face it, If BornWild is going to create a trip then we're going to make sure that we're showing you the unorthodox locations with a bit of uniqueness thrown in. Thats what we do best and we've added an eccentric home stay as well - to give it some extra unconventionality. 

If you've never been night hiking and night trekking is what you've been pondering on doing then this is a great introduction. This trip offers hiking during night and day light and being able to see the forest and mountains in both its glory. Nestled at the bottom of the mountain and our first discovery is the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Tibetan Buddhist Monastery where we visit the magnificent Golden Shrine room Temple. This is just the start of the mixed bag of highlights to come. Its in the name, Overlook has many hidden treasures that get 'overlooked'. The magnificent hotel ruins. The flat rock etched with years and years of history of lovers names, markings of code words and symbols of mystery. The Fire Tower to view the 360 degree grandiose views of the Catskills and the diverse array of flying eagle's we'll be spotting at the summit. As the dusk sets in, head torches at the ready, we decline the mountain and see the forest in its darkened splendor. Well its a good thing we scheduled a hike on halloween weekend because this hike is perfect for this. You'll be sure to leave this trip with stories to tell, images to make your friends jealous and a thirst for more adventure. Whats more awesome about this Catskills trip is that its adaptable to make it a special weekend vacay at the eccentric Tiny House in Woodstock. 

What are you waiting for? More details here SECRET RUIN HIKE

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