Wild Animal Discussion


Wild Animal Discussion



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BornWild's meet-ups are dedicated to bringing you unconventional and natural adventures. From every ticket sale - we donate to a handful of great wild animal charities. However, there is always room to do more and so we've created this monthly get together to share thoughts and ideas on how we can make a positive change for wild animals. 

We'll be covering... What ideas you have to help wild animals, Are you part of any projects worth talking about, How would you really like to make a change, current news you'd like to discuss, combating poaching or hunting in United States, your thoughts on zoo's/animals in entertainment, the exotic pet industry, what we can do in America to keep Wild Animals in the wild etc. Whether it be travel, music, sports, challenges, design, art, creating........ we would love to get all creatives and passionate people to join in and talk about how we can make a positive change. If you don't have a specific skill, or just want to talk about the latest news on wild animals then we would love for you to come along! We welcome anyone who is passionate about making a change :)

Group Size: 3 - 15

Location: Brooklyn or Manhattan depending

Times: 11am - 12pm 

Please email to reserve your spot: bornwild@bornwild.rocks